Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine that treats the patients with potential medicines prepared from natural sources. These medicines are given in minute doses that trigger patient’s immune system resulting in permanent cure. As the medicine is administered in minute doses, it is safe and effective without any side effects.

As no two individuals are alike in this world, likewise the medicine required to cure them is also not the same. Hence each patient is administered different medicine though they suffer from the same clinical disease.

Holistic approach is a natural concept adopted only by the system of Homeopathy where the mental, physical & emotional aspects of the patient are considered to individualize a patient’s remedy that can cure his disease permanently. As per this approach, we consider each patient’s symptoms profile, habits, life style and reactions to circumstances etc.

According to principles of Homeopathy, we at “Dr.Selvan” treat the most difficult, advanced and the so called incurable cases with ease, precision and the application of advanced Homeopathy. We treat a person in disease, rather than a disease in person. Hence patients rejuvenate within no time at Dr.Selvan. Dr.Selvan’s  homeopathy clinic in frazer town is one of the good one in bangalore.

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 Dr.Selvan in frazer town bangalore is absolutely the smartest Doctor I have ever seen or spoken to.. Dr.Selvan Homeopathy  will cure me with the right homeopthic remedy instead of going to a doctor who prescribes western medicine that will only mask the symptoms. Not only have I not been sick 5 years after seeing him, I have referred a couple people recently who were helped. Simply put the correct remedy will boost your immune system and cures you permanently …. without the side effects of many of the western meds that doctors who don’t know about homeopathic cures.., Do yourself a favour and read the book.Luckily there are world class doctors like Dr.Selvan.

– Pastor Charles, FGAG Church, Bangalore

My family and I have been extremely pleased with the homeopathic treatment we have received from Dr.Selvan. He’s highly skilled and very professional. I went to him several years ago, when I was trying to get off of an anti-depressant. With the remedy Dr.Selvan prescribed, I was successfully weaned off of the anti-depressant and I’ve been fine ever since, and able to cope in a healthy way with all of life’s ups and downs. My remedy also greatly reduced my springtime allergy symptoms! Today, many years later, I am still able to take a dose of that same remedy if I’m feeling off emotionally or physically.

– Mr.Bhabani Shankar, Bangalore

Fast improvement in my eczema condition in a short time. Very good listening ear by the doctor for my sharing on lifestyle, work related issues, stress, etc. Very calming advices given.

– Mr.Aravind Alex, Bangalore

Dr.Selvan treated me and helped me a lot to improve my health and condition. I am very grateful and feel healthy and strong after being treated by her. Thank you very much to Dr.Selvan.

– Mr.Francis, Bangalore

I am taking treatment for my Skin Allergy and it seems better after taking 3 courses of medicine and in 3 sittings.

– Mrs.Ranjini Francis, Bangalore



We are not claiming that each and every patient will be cure by our treatment, But these cases are images, will be give you confidence and  shows the goodness of homeopathy. Each patient will respond differently depends upon their system responsiveness also the prognosis of each patient depends upon the stages and severity of the illness. – Dr.Selvan


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