How does Homeopathic medicine work?

Homeopathic medicine works by stimulating the body’s own healing power.

Are the Homeopathic medicines safe?

Yes. Homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe, scientific, natural and extriemely effective way of healing. Homeopathic medicines can be given to pregnant woman and also to just born.

Does Homeopathy treat all diseases?

Homeopathy is universally applicable and can help to cure 90% of the existing diseases today, except few pure surgical cases.

Does Homeopathy cure small problems only?

No. Homeopathy treats almost all problems including advanced pathological diseases. Homeopathy treats from colds to cancers.

Do I need to take Homeopathic treatment life long?

No not at all. Depending upon the chronicity / type of the problem, you may need to take the treatment ranging from few days to few months.

Whether the Homeopathic results are short lasting?

Homeopathic results are long lasting and permanent.

Can I take treatment from Dr.Selvan’s from a place other than Hyderabad?

Yes. You can take treatment from any where in the world. You can send all your medical details / scanned medical reports  by                email to consult and speak to Dr. Selvan assistants for briefing your problem and fix an appointment for a phone call with Dr.Selvan and get medicine at your door step prescribed by Dr.Selvan by Indian Registered Post.

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